As spring makes a welcome return it is at this time we announce a number of updates for our future plans . We have certainly not been in hibernation over the winter months; in fact, we have been busy exploring and planning a series of outstanding live performance plans which will take place at carefully selected locations and venues throughout 2016 and into 2017.

Our bigger vision and aspiration is to produce and present an array of world class international and UK home grown talented musicians, singers, composers and performers at specific times in the future.

We recognise that there is an abundance of talent here on our home shores and our plans include to provide the platform for this talent to shine and to gain invaluable experience at some of our future live events. As an organisation, we are committed to presenting the very best music across genetically associated music genres that include, Jazz, Blues, Soul, RnB, Funk, Swing, Gospel and World Music.

We will be announcing various future projects over the coming weeks and months. We would be delighted to hear from organisations or brands that recognise the superb value in supporting music not only from a creative perspective but also from the outstanding marketing and branding benefits that our events provide to open minded and creatively thinkers.

Be part of our high quality, exciting, fun and above all inspirational events. Please contact the festival director Ian Bowden on ian@ryejazz.com who will be delighted to discuss how we can create a mutually beneficial partnership.


A date for your diary is Saturday 30th April 2016 which has been designated as International Jazz Day by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).See the following link: www.jazzday.com

International Jazz Day celebrates the historical, cultural and educational contribution of this popular genre of music. The day aims to spread international awareness about this unique musical style; and to promote
the cultural, and social values that Jazz stands for. We are currently exploring opportunities to present a special event on this day to help spread the word of how important this music genre is and to explain our future vision, sponsorship opportunities for organisations and how we can share our exciting vision with you.

Music crosses many boundaries and unites people all of ages, backgrounds and social standing. Jazz is a 4 letter word that means so much which is thought provoking, inspirational and brings joy to so many across the world.We ask you to join us and to share to celebrate this wonderful music with your friends and family.

Please do make contact with us if you are a musician, composer, and songwriter or have a band and would like to expand your horizons by working with us in both 2016 and 2017.

Contact: info@ryejazz.com

Posted on 04/04/2016 by Ian Bowden

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